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Background knowledge and enrichment

Gravity Gone!


Gravity and falling objects lesson -

Funded by the National Science Foundation.  Students investigate the force of gravity and how all objects regardless of their mass fall to the ground at the same rate.  Grades 3-5

Isaac Newton: Facts and Summary -

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton with article and 3 videos:  Enlightenment, Law of Gravity, and Isaac Newton ( 3 - 5 minutes each) .


Isaac Newton -

Simple biography about the greatest physicist who ever lived. 


Gravity Games -

A lesson guide integrating a series of activities designed to demonstrate the role of gravity in common games and toys.  Grades 4 -6


Teaching the force of gravity to elementary school students - teaching

Video of a sample teacher lesson on gravity for grades 2-5 (14 min.)


Gravity lesson plans and lesson ideas -

Background information for teachers, parents, and caregivers for grades K-3. Classroom, family and home school activities.

Sir Isaac Newton Lesson -

Printable reading comprehension resource, grades 4 - 6, (requires sign-in)

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