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A Fourth Grade Adventure in Science 

Begins Here!


Book #1

Gravity Gone!

Follow fourth graders Marie and Albert as they learn about science while doing magical experiments in a hidden laboratory!

Marie and Albert find a secret lab at their school, Faraday Academy.  They discover it's magical when they accidentally turn off the gravity in the whole school! They learn not only how gravity works, but also a shocking secret about Faraday Academy, all while trying to save their classmates from floating away! 

Book #2

Frozen Faraday

Marie and Albert can't wait to get back to the secret laboratory!  But tonight's the big school celebration and teachers and parents are everywhere.  When they finally get back to the lab, they're surprised to find out they aren't the only ones who know about it!  As soon as another science experiment gets started, it spells disaster for the school celebration.  This latest adventure risks exposing Marie and Albert's secret as the school plunges to dangerously cold temperatures.  Can they stop the experiment before it's too late?


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